Trapcode Mir

Repeater group

The Repeater group lets you create copies of the original Mir mesh, then manipulate them for different creative effects to add depth and volume to your composition.

NOTE: The controls in Repeater are similar to the Repeater controls in Trapcode Echospace.


The number of instances, or how many copies are made of the mesh. The default is 1, meaning the mesh is displayed once. These all appear in the same position and rotation as the original, so you will have to use the Translate and Rotation controls to see them.

R Opacity

Increase or decrease the transparency level for each instance. The default is 100%, which sets the instance at full opacity.

R Scale

Increase or decrease the size of each instance. The default is 100%, which sets the instance at its full original size.

R Rotate X, Y, Z

Rotate the instances along the chosen axis in the order they were created.

At left, R Rotate X at 90. In middle,
R Rotate Y at 45. At right, R Rotate Z at 15.

R Translate X, Y, Z

Offset the copies from the original Mesh position. They will move in the order from which they were created, causing space between them, which can give a feeling of depth or repetition to the mesh.

At left, R Scale at 50. In middle, R Opacity at 50. At right, R Translate is offset for X, Y and Z.