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The Physics Air group offers two kinds of displacement models to push along the particles. The one discussed here is Spherical Field, which is a displacement field in the form of a sphere. The sphere can either push particles outward or suck them in. Spherical Field is not a force field, the effect of the field is instant, and does not leave a trace once the field is removed.


Strength is the directional displacement amount with which the field pushes the particles around. Positive values create a field that pushes particles outward. Negative values mean particles get sucked inward.

spin_off sphere_pos sphere_neg
Strength 0 Strength Positive Strength Negative

Position XYZ

Position XYZ set the position of the field along the X, Y and Z axes.


Radius sets the size of the Spherical Field. Higher values make a larger field.


Feather sets the Softness of the edges of the Spherical Field. Higher values make a softer field.