Trapcode Particular

Effects Chain in the Designer

The Effects Chain shows the building blocks that are being used for the current effect. There are 5 groups that correspond to the building block groups in the Blocks pane. The Emitter, Particle, and Physics groups can contain more than one block, while the others (Shading and Aux System) can only have one block at a time.

To create your Effects Chain, simply apply a preset, a Block or select a Block in the Effects Chain and adjust its properties in the Block controls area.

Note that thumbnails for Particle Blocks that contain Curve graphs visually change to reflect changes that you’ve made to them.

Left to right, the original Size Curve, and the Size Curve after an adjustment.


You can choose to start building your effect in the Particular Designer or in the main Particular plugin in the Effects Controls panel in After Effects. The changes you make in the plugin will carry over (or “roundtrip”) to and from the Designer.

Special Handling

There are a few instances where settings cannot be previewed in the Designer. When that happens, you’ll see a warning banner across the Preview pane that reads: “Some rendering features are disabled due to certain parameter settings.” The blocks causing the issue(s) will have little warning icons next to their names in the Effects Chain.

The Designer will attempt to preview what it can, making substitutes for the preview in some instances. Below is a list of the special handling the Designer will use to modify the preview of your settings. Note that your settings remain unchanged and will roundtrip to and from the Designer, even if the preview has been altered.

  • If Physics Model is set to Bounce (instead of Air), then Air > Turbulence Field > Affect Size and Air > Turbulence Field > Affect Position must be set to zero, as well as Air > Spherical Field > Strength. Gravity stays disabled.
  • Shading does not render in the Designer, and will be temporarily disabled during preview while in the Designer.
  • Light emitters cannot be previewed in the Designer. When using a light emitter, a sphere emitter is used as a temporary substitute while previewing in the Designer.


  • Layer and Layer Grid emitters will behave as box emitters during preview in the Designer.
  • Sprites and 3D models that have been loaded into Particular outside of the Designer will not preview in Designer. However, these same sprites and 3D models will preview in the Designer if they’ve been added using the Sprites and 3D model preset browsers. For more information on the Sprites and 3D Model preset browsers, see the Using Presets page.