Trapcode Particular

Global Fluid Controls

These controls affect any and all particle systems in within your Particular effect that are using the Fluid physics model.

Fluid Time Factor

Controls the time frame in which the forces are applied to the fluid particles. Lower values means the forces are applied more slowly, while higher values means they're applied faster. Note that this number increases exponentially, so if you're looking for finer controls, consider adjusting this value by the tenths-- a shortcut for this is holding down the Alt key while scrubbing the parameter, or you can manually enter in your values.


Defines how sticky your particles are to one another, creating a semi-fluid or thicker appearance.

Simulation Fidelity

Controls the scope of the forces applied to fluid particles; higher values equal a more granular, micro force interactions, while lower values create broader, more macro force interactions.


Low fidelity (left) versus high fidelity (right), notice the force affecting finer areas of the emitter on the right than they are on the left.