Trapcode Particular

Particle group> Streaklet group

  Streaklet is a long exposure, light painting effect. The base particle is the Streaklet particle in the Particle Type. There are controlling parameters in the Streaklet subgroup.

At left, the full Streaklet group parameters. At right, the Streaklet option in Particle Type.

Random Seed

Adjusts the randomization within each streaklet created. Using this helps alter the look between one streaklet and another that might be sharing similar parameters.

No Streaks

Set the number of streaks. High values make more streaks, which give a more detailed look. Lower values make fewer streaks and give a more simplistic look.


Left to right, No Streaks set low and high.

Streak Size

Set the size of the streaks. Low values gives thinner, more separated streaks. High values give thicker, more overlapping streaks. A value of 0 turns off the streak.


Left to right, Streak Size set low, mid-range and high.