Trapcode Particular

New Features in Particular

Trapcode Particular adds several new features and enhancements that are sure to expand has been possible with previous versions of the plugin.

  • Playback Controls added to the Designer's preview pane. 
  • Relative Emission Rate: Particles/Sec of additional systems can be set relative to the Master emitter.
  • Speed Based Emission: Particles/Sec can be driven by emitter speed.
  • Multiple Systems! You can now create multiple, interactive particle systems in one application of Particular. Each system can have its own emitter, physics, aux particles and more. You can have up to 8 different systems at once!
  • 3D OBJ files can now be emitters. A large collection of 3D objects ships with Particular so you can add another dimension to your art right away, regardless of your CG skills.
  • The Designer is the new Effects Builder. And with that comes a host of new features and improvements.
  • GPU acceleration is now available both for the Designer, and in the standard Particular plugin.
  • Tons of new presets, including a host of new presets that take advantage of Multiple Systems.
  • Aux Systems can now use sprites to generate Sprite and Textured Polygon particles.
  • In addition to sprites, Aux Systems got tons of other revisions as well, making them much more like standard particles, and much easier to use.
  • Curves (formerly called “Over Life Graphs”) are now animatable! Just set keyframes and Particular will interpolate states of the graph over time.