Trapcode Particular

New Features in Particular

Trapcode Particular adds several new features and enhancements that are sure to expand what has been possible with previous versions of the plugin.

  • Fluid Motion! You can now apply fluid forces to your particle emitters to make them behave like fluids.
    • Buoyancy controls to define the floating behavior of the particles.
    • Viscosity options to give your fluid a stickiness factor or create the appearance of semi-fluids.
    • Add and adjust vortexes swirling around your fluid particles, giving them turbulence and swirls around your particle forms.
  • New additions to the Designer preview, including a progress bar and overlay controls, which help you see how to control your parameters around the emitter before switching them off and seeing the final result-- all without leaving the Designer!
  • New keyboard shortcuts added to the Designer to help you work faster!