Trapcode Shine

Blend Modes and Opacity

Shine has a built-in Transfer Mode pop-up menu so it can composite the ”shined” image onto the source image. Source Opacity sets the opacity (the opposite of transparency) of the source. Shine Opacity sets the opacity of the effect. Below are examples of the different Blend Modes. Most of them are identical to those found in Adobe After Effects. Notable exceptions include the ”None” mode (which eliminates the source layer, leaving only Shine), and ”Behind” (which composites the Shine effect behind the source layer).

Mode OriginalMode NoneMode Normal
Source imageNoneNormal
Mode AddMode MultiplyMode Screen
AddColor DodgeScreen
Mode OverlayMode Softlight Mode Hardlight
OverlaySoft LightHard Light
Mode Color Dodge Mode Color Burn Mode Darken
Color DodgeColor BurnDarken
Mode Lighten Mode Difference Mode Exclusion
Mode Hue Mode Saturation Mode Color
Mode Luminosity Mode Behind