Trapcode Shine


The Colorize group contains controls to set the coloring of the effect.

The Colorize... pop-up can be set to:

  • None - No coloring is performed. The colors of the source image are used. This should be used, for example, when simulating light shining through a multicolored window, or shooting out from a multicolored logotype.
  • One Color - With this setting, one single color can be picked and the entire effect is colorized in that color.
  • 3-Color Gradient - Three colors (Highlights, Midtones and Shadows) can be selected.
  • 5-Color Gradient - Five colors can be selected.
Original ImageNone3 Color Gradient

Below these options are the 3-Color Gradient presets. When one of the presets is selected, the three colors are updated (Highlights, Midtones and Shadows) and then the pop-up goes back to the 3-Color Gradient mode and the colors can be tweaked.


After these follow the 5-Color Gradient presets. When one of the presets is selected, the five colors are updated and then the pop-up menu goes back to the 5-Color Gradient mode and the colors can be tweaked.

ElegantRadioactiveIR Vision
Desert Sun
JatteEdvardStarry Night
HarvestForestDesert Shadow

Base On... This pop-up menu is active in any colorizing mode except None. It selects what channel should be used as input. The possible choices are:

  • Lightness - Use lightness values.
  • Luminance - Use luminance values.
  • Alpha - Use alpha channel.
  • Alpha Edges - Use the edges of the alpha channel. When this mode is active, a new slider at the bottom of the colorizing group is enabled. This is called Edge Thickness and controls how thick the alpha edges should be.
OriginalAlpha Edges, with anAlpha Edges, with an
Edge Thickness value of 1Edge Thickness value of 10
(Source Opacity = 0%)(Source Opacity = 0%)

Red - Use red channel.

Green - Use green channel.

Blue - Use blue channel.