Trapcode Shine

Source Point and Ray Length

Source Point sets the center point for the effect, which specifies the lighting direction from where the rays shoot out. It can be placed outside the layer, but will not move farther than one layer size in each direction, as illustrated below:

Important: When animating the Source Point slowly, the layer that Shine is applied to should be switched to high quality in order to make the Source Point sub-pixel accurate.

The Source Point Type drop down menu allows you to select how to control the source of the light rays. The default selection is 2D, which uses the two-dimensional Source Point values to control the light source.

You can also change the Source Point Type value to 3D Light which allows you to use an After Effects light as the light source. Because After Effects lights can move in 3D space, this allows the light for Shine to be moved in three dimensions.

It is important that the name of the light in your After Effects comp matches the name in the Source Point Name drop down exactly, including capitalization. For example, if the Source Point Name drop down is set to the default of Shine, then you must have a light named Shine in your After Effects composition for it to be used as a source point for the light rays.

Ray Length controls how far the rays shoot out. Note that this setting has no influence on render time.

Short Ray LengthLong Ray Length