Trapcode Sound Keys


Trapcode Sound Keys comes packaged in the Trapcode Suite installer. Since it's a plug-in, you must first have installed a compatible host program for it to work with (namely After Effects). When launched and its prompts followed, the installer will automatically place the required Sound Keys components onto your hard drive in whichever directories they need to be placed.

Before installing ensure:

  • All intensive programs are closed: specifically whichever programs you're trying to install into
  • You're an administrator: the plug-in will be installed for all users on your setup, which requires administrative privileges.

This page explains how to install the Trapcode product(s) you purchased and/or install the products that haven't been purchased in trial mode.

Step One: Review System Requirements & License Agreement

The Trapcode Suite installer lists host and OS requirements.

Note: These requirements may not be up-to-date if you're using an older installer. You can review this page for the current Sound Keys system requirements. 

This page offers options to Read License..., and Agree or Disagree to the terms. Note that if you Disagree, the installer will then quit. Only if you Agree to the terms can you click Continue and proceed with the installation.

Step Two: Select Plug-ins for Installation

This screen allows you to select whichever plug-ins you'd like to install into whichever compatible host applications you've got on your system. They are all selected by default and will install as trials-- registration occurs after this installation step. When you're ready, click Install.

Note: Since the plug-in(s) will be installed for all user accounts of the system you're running the installer on, you may be asked to provide your administrative credentials after clicking the Install button.

Step Three: Register Products & More

Once the installation has completed, you'll see three options including:

  • Enter Licensing Info which opens a prompt for you to enter your serial code(s) for whichever product(s) you'd like to register. 
  • What's New will take you to an overview of what's been recently added.
  • Resources launches a page showing all of the available learning resources for the Trapcode Suite.

Note: Most plugins can be optionally registered by clicking their registration button within their effect controls.