Trapcode Sound Keys



Active turns the range on and off.

Type - there are three types to select from; Average of Range will set the output to the average value of the bars in the range. Peak of Range will find the highest value in the range. On/Off Trigger will set output to max if one bar crosses the range and min at other times.

Corner 1 defines one corner of the range.

Corner 2 defines the other corner of the range.

Falloff provides a control for how the output value should fall off.

instfallInstant means no special consideration is payed to the fall off.
linfallLinear makes the value fall in a linear manner.
expfallExponential makes the value fall with exponential decay.
nonefallNone (integrate) creates an ever increasing output by not letting the signal fall off at all. This is the same as integrating the output over time.

Falloff Time sets the time for the value to fall from max to min. This is only active if Falloff is set to Linear or Exponential.

Output Min/Max contains some predefined commonly used output value ranges. There is also the Custom alternative that activates the Min and Max parameters below.

Min sets the minimum output value.

Max sets the maximum output value.

Output this is the paramameter that receives the keyframes when Apply is pressed.