Trapcode Sound Keys

The Spectrum Interface


Sound Keys renders the audio spectrum. Therefore Sound Keys should be applied to a solid during the set-up phase. The interface was optimized for a 640*480 solid viewed at half or quarter resolution. The spectrum is however only intended for assisting when setting up the generation parameters; once the keyframes have been generated the layer visibility should be switched off.

The spectrum consists of 32 bars that are sensitive to certain frequencies in the audio. The leftmost bars have red color and are sensitive to the base (low frequencies). The rightmost bars are blue and sensitive to treble (high frequencies).

When an audio file has been selected in the Audio Layer pop-up the audio spectrum for that layer is rendered. Use RAM Preview to see it animate.

The ranges are represented by green squares: see the green square marked "1" above. The area for each range is selected by setting two corner points in the spectrum. When this has been done the green output bar on the right indicates the output. In the image above a few bars have entered the area of range 1, and the output of range 1 reflects this. The other two ranges are not displayed because they are not active.