Trapcode Tao


Trapcode Tao generates 3D geometries along paths. It can use masks, motion paths from AE’s 3D lights or generate its own paths. Along the path, Tao puts “segments”. Segments may be an n-gon shape that is extruded along the path to create a single geometry along the path, or the segments can be spheres or n-gons that are repeated along the path.

Above: Spheres repeated along a path

Furthermore these paths can be repeated in many different ways using the two repeaters. The whole repeated structure can then further be displaced with a noise fractal. There are many option for setting up the materials and lighting. Tao can use AE’s built-in lights and it also has Image Based Lighting where spherical environment maps are used to light the scene very quickly and with great results. Tao also features some built-in environments for convenience.

Above: Tao illuminated with lighting in AfterEffects