Some of our effects include an Animation parameter with a list of presets that customize the speed at which the effect is animated. The presets are named after what the function for speed would look like on a graph (where X is time and Y is distance), prefixed with whether the function's curve is affecting the animation's beginning (creating an Ease In effect), end (creating an Ease Out effect), both, or not at all (Linear).

Below are examples of how the different functions' curves appear on a graph for an Ease In effect (Ease Out looks identical, but flipped horizontally).

Linear Quad Cubic Quartic Quintic Sine Exponential Circle

Below are examples of the same curves when applied to both the beginning and end of the animation, these are prefixed in the preset menu with Ease In Out

Quad Cubic Quartic Quintic Sine Exponential Circle

Lastly, here are a some examples of both EaseIn and EaseInOut animation curves at their extremes when applied to our effects (in this case Universe Rubix Cube):


   Zero easing on this curve, just a straight shot from start to end of the transition.

Ease In Quad 

   A slight easing into the transition with acceleration picking up afterwards.

Ease In Circle

A slower transition that rapidly accelerates toward the end, giving a 'snap' appearance.

Ease In Out Quad

A gradual ease at the beginning an end of the transition.

Ease In Out Circle

A gradual ease at both ends, with a very fast switch in the middle where curves meet.