CAMERA SHAKEUniverse Camera Shake Plugin

Add simulated camera motion to your footage to emulate a simple wiggle or a violent earthquake with motion blur to add realism.

Getting Started   Premiere_icon AfterEffects_icon FinalCutPro_icon Motion_icon Vegas_icon Hitfilm_icon Resolve_icon 

  1. Drag the uni.Camera Shake effect onto your clip.
  2. Click the Choose a Preset button to see animated previews of all the presets available. Double-click any preset to apply.

Modify the Effect

  • Master Amount sets the amount of the shake.
  • Frequency changes the frequency of the shake.
  • Scale Footage allows you to increase the size of your footage to cover for the movement if desired.
  • Shake Controls
    • Amplitude X and Y
    • Shake Complexity
    • Maximum Rotation
    • Random Seed
  • Crop Settings
    • Tile Edges
    • Crop Edges
    • Expand Edge
  • Motion Blur Group: To create a smoother, more realistically filmed look to the Camera Shake effect we’ve added Motion Blur controls. This group will allow you to simulate a low shutter speed blur and frame blending commonly seen in Film.
    • To turn on motion blur effect twirl down the Motion Blur control group and, check the Motion Blur Enable “On”.
    • Adjusting the Shutter Angle control to a higher number will give you more motion blur on the footage since the it mimics a longer frame exposure.
    • The Shutter Phase slider allows you to synchronize or desynchronize the timing of the shutter opening and closing with the frame rate of the footage.