CrumplePop Carousel captures the classic look of vintage color cross-processing, film fading, and vignettes.

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  1. Drag the uni.Carousel effect onto your clip.
  2. Click the Browse Presets button to see a preview of all the presets available. Double-click any preset to apply

Frame & Vignette

  • Frame Style sets the edges and aspect ratio of your frame.
  • By default, the Square option crops the image into a square with clearly defined edges. You will lose the sides of your image, so be aware of the compositional changes when making this choice.
  • In contrast, the 16:9 setting will generally match up with your original HD video aspect ratio and will give you the full image within the frame. The 16 X 9 Soft and Square Soft options will give the rounded edges of the frame a softer blurry edge for a more aged vintage look.

Color Group

  • The Color Process controls help to give you the vintage tints found in old film stocks.. Use this control to decrease or increase the effect of the red, green and blue color channels on the overall look.
  • The Red, Green, and Blue controls allow you to mix more or less of one color channel into the Color Process overlay of the image.
  • The Fading control allow you to flatten the image out, giving it a “washed out” or faded feel. Set the slider closer to zero to keep higher contrast between light and dark areas.
  • Turning up the Contrast slider will emphasis the difference between the light and dark areas and bring more detail out from your video footage. If working with footage shot in low lighting, you may see more grain and texture in your image when turning this control up.

Light Leaks Group

This group is helpful in adding organic elements with simulated Light Leak effects that result from film being accidentally exposed within the camera. 

  • Choose from the Light Style drop-down menu for 5 unique types of light leaks effects.
  • The Opacity control allows you to dial back the overall Light Leak effect by turning it down from 100.
  • Flicker Strength and Flicker Speed create an animated strobe effect of the light leaks on the film. Adjust these to get a diverse organic look moving across your composition.
  • Use the Color selector to change the light leak effect to a differently colored tint.
  • The Flip Light Leak drop-down menu allows you to switch up where the light leaks appear in the frame, for more variety when building out your vintage look.