CrumplePop Carousel captures the classic look of vintage color cross-processing, film fading, and vignettes.

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  1. Drag the uni.Carousel effect onto your clip.
  2. Click the Browse Presets button to see a preview of all the presets available. Double-click any preset to apply

Modify the Effect

  • Frame & Vignette
    • Frame Style sets the edges and aspect ratio of the effect's frame, with options for hard-edged 16x9 and Square, or soft-edged 16x9 Soft and Square Soft, or None which disables the frame entirely.
    • Image Offset moves the clip the effect is applied to toward the left (negative values) or right (positives values).
    • Vignette Amount adjusts the darkness around the edges of the clip.
  • Color
    • Color Process adjusts the tint of the red, green and blue color channels on the overall look.
    • Red, Green, and Blue adds more or less mix of one color channel into the Color Process overlay.
    • Fading flattens the image contrast, giving it a faded feel. Set the slider closer to zero to keep higher contrast between light and dark areas.
    • Contrast controls the difference between the light and dark areas and bring more detail out from your video footage.
      • Tip: If working with footage shot in low lighting, you may see more grain and texture in your image when turning this control up.
  • Light Leaks
    • Light Style offers several options for the light leaks effects.
    • Opacity adjusts the transparency of the light leak effect.
    • Flicker Strength and Flicker Speed create an animated strobe effect of the light leaks on the film.
    • Color adjusts the tint of the light leak effect..
    • Flip Light Leak adjusts where the light leaks appear in the frame.