A transition that blurs together the Red, Green, or Blue channels together between two layers of footage. Additional options include the ability to control the brightness, contrast, or angle of the blur.

Getting Started in a timeline   Premiere_icon FinalCutPro_icon Vegas_icon Hitfilm_icon Resolve_icon 

  1. Drag the transition over your edit in the timeline, placing it at the end, beginning, or between two successive clips.
  2. Modify the Duration of the transition either by entering a length in the field, or dragging directly in the timeline.
  3. You can choose the Alignment (Center at Cut, Start at Cut, End at Cut, Custom Start) either by positioning the transition in the timeline, or by choosing from the Alignment drop-down in some host applications.

Getting Started in a compositor   AfterEffects_icon Motion_icon

  1. Apply the transition to the layer you want to transition from.
  2. Choose the footage layer you would like to transition to in the Transition B drop-down menu. (Note for Motion users: drag the footage layer up to the Transition B box).
  3. Animate your transition using the Mix slider from 0-100%. Set a keyframe for 0% where the transition should start, then set another at 100% for the end.

Modify the Transition

  • Browse Presets brings up an array of presets which animate when hovered over. Double-clicking or highlighting a preset and clicking Select will populate the parameters below to create the selected appearance.
  • Blur Main adjusts the blur of the channels with a blur amount set below. Adjustments are made from 0-10 on an exponential scale. 
  • Blur Angle allows you to change the direction of the blur streaks and rotate them individually along their own axis.
  • RedGreenBlue Blur each control the blur of their respective channels. 
  • BrightnessContrast Boost increases the image's brightness or contrast during the Mix of the transition.
  • Soften an auxiliary blur system meant to adjust any harsh edges leftover from the Blur Main and channel blur properties.
  • Dolly adds a camera move to the first source provided which either pushes in (10) or pulls out (-10) during the transition.