FINISHERUniverse CrumplePop Finisher Plugin

CrumplePop Finisher makes it easy to dramatically improve the image quality of your DSLR footage.

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  • Drag the uni.Finisher effect onto your clip.

Modify the Effect

  • Set to 50 by default, the Enhanced Contrast control will give a subtle boost to the lightest and darkest areas of your footage without affecting the overall midtones.
  • Set to 0 by default, the Contrast control sets the overall intensity of the light and dark areas in the footage. Turning this slider down to -50 makes the image more flat and gray while bringing it up to 50 intensifies the difference between the light and shadows.
  • The Exposure controls lighten or darken the overall scene. -10.0 yields a dark, underexposed look, while +10.0 gives you an overexposed effect that bleaches out the shadow details.
  • Bring the Saturation slider up towards 10 to intensify the color of the original image or bring it down to -10.0 for a black and white image.
  • Adjust the Detail slider control to bring out the detail within your footage. Set to 25 by default, turn this control up to 100 to enhance the image.