Glow-fi is a self-animating, fractal-based glow effect for text. Add a unique, organic glow with presets and advanced controls.

Getting Started   Premiere_icon AfterEffects_icon FinalCutPro_icon Motion_icon Vegas_icon Hitfilm_icon Resolve_icon 

  • Apply the uni.Glo Fi effect onto your clip.


  • Click the Browse Presets button to see animated previews of Color and Glow Presets.

Modify the Glow

  • The Source Pattern Group controls the animation and noise pattern that controls the look of the glow as it evolves over time.
    • The Loop Duration (Sec) controls how long the looped pattern lasts before seamlessly repeating within the animation.
    • The Speed control allows you to set how quickly the pattern changes within the loop.
    • Scale will allow you to change the size of the pattern in relation to the composition. Lowering this number makes the pattern larger while raising the number up towards 1000% makes the pattern smaller and more static-like.
    • Amplitude raises the brightness of the white levels in your pattern, which will intensify the glow.
    • Set to 100 by default, the Contrast control sets the intensity of the light and dark areas in the glow pattern. Turning this slider down to 0 makes the pattern totally gray and even while bringing it down to a negative number turns the pattern into a negative image of itself with the white areas becoming dark and the black spots becoming white.
    • Turning the Show Pattern Checkbox “On” allows you to see exactly what’s happening when you change the pattern map’s animation, Scale and Contrast.
  • Glow Brightness control will bring up the brightness and occurrence of the glowing areas lowering this slider down to .10 will limit the glowing areas to fewer spots in the layer.
  • Glow Size expands the soft diffused glow around the bright glow areas when brought up to 100 or can be turned down to 0 for no softening of the spots.
  • Use the Blur Radius control to blur and expand the bright glowing spots. Bringing this control up towards 200 will spread out the intensity of the glow, making it more translucent, while bringing it down to 0 will make the spots opaque.
  • The Blur Direction drop-down menu has options to move the Blur Radius direction along the Horizontal (X axis) or Vertical (Y axis). Choosing the Gaussian option spreads the blur evenly in all directions.
  • The First Color and Second Color selectors allow you to change the colors of the glow for better compositing and special effects. First Color is for the outer edges of the glow, while Second Color is the inner part of the glow effect.
  • Set to 1.8 by default, the Boost control will bring up the overall brightness of the glow effect when raised up towards 10.0.
  • The Diffuse Radius defines the size of a secondary glow applied to the entire image, including the primary glow effect, softening the glow and making the effect more translucent.
  • Set to 30 by default, the Diffuse Mix will spread and brighten the glow on the image when brought up to 100.
  • The Diffuse Color from Main mixes more of the source color into the Diffuse Glow. At 0, diffuse glow is white. At 100, the diffuse glow uses 100% of the source color.
  • Chose from the Blend Mode drop-down to select the blending mode used to composite the Glimmer result over the original image. By default the Blend mode is set to Add.
  • Mask
    • Check “on” the Use Mask checkbox to have the glow effect constrained to the masked area.
    • To see your mask more clearly and adjust it to your liking, check “on” the Show Masked Area.
    • Select an option from the Shape drop-down menu to set the mask to either an ellipse or rectangular shape.
    • The Invert checkbox when checked “On” will switch the glow effect to occur outside the selected mask shape instead of inside.
    • The Point A crosshair control corresponds to the position of the top of the mask image and Point B controls correspond to the bottom position of the mask. Moving these points will squash or stretch out the shape of the mask, as well as move its position.
    • The Radius control will spread the influence of the masked glow outwards from the center.
    • The Feather Size will increase the translucency in the edges of the mask along a gradient.
    • The Feather Direction will pull the transparent gradient towards the center of the mask if turned down towards -100 or out towards the edges if turned up to 100.