A diffused glow that softens the bright parts of the image. Isolate a specific color within your footage and apply a glow to just that color.

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  • Apply the uni.Glow effect onto your clip.


  • Click the Choose a Preset button to see previews of the 9 presets available. Double-click any preset to apply.

Modify the Glow

  • Bringing up the Threshold slider limits what areas are affected to the brightest spots while lowering the Threshold widens the glow to affect the areas that are darker.
  • The Intensity slider brings up the brightness of the glow, reducing its opacity and giving it a more solid, neon like effect.
  • Use the Glow Radius control to expand or shrink the glow out from the Highlight areas. This will spread out the intensity of the glow, making it more translucent.
  • Other controls to manipulate the size and shape of the Glows are the Radius X and Radius Y controls. Increase these to spread the glow along these directional axis, giving a more “streak-like” look to your glow.
  • Increasing the Glow Gamma control will give you brighter results in the light areas while lowering this slider down to .10 will constrain the glow down to more limited areas in the layer.
  • The Saturation slider will allows you to increase the color saturation of the glow.
  • Color
    • The Color 1 and Color 2 color selectors allow you to change the colors of the glow for better compositing and special effects. Color 1 is for the outer edges of the glow, while Color 2 is the inner part of the glow effect.
    • To see the colors of the color controls reflected in the image, turn the Color Strength slider up towards 100. To eliminate the color completely turn this control down to 0 for a pure white diffusion.  
  • Aberration
    • Aberration X/Y: Control the amount of aberration on either the X or Y axis.
    • Red/Green/Blue Scale: Set the scale of the aberration by color channel.
  • Color Isolation
    • When checked on the Isolate Color checkbox ensures that the glow will be applied only to the color selected in the Color picker directly below. Use the dropper to pick a color directly within the composition window for greater accuracy.
    • The Color Width control adjusts the spread of the effect of the glow around the selected Color. 
    • The Color Softness control subtly blurs the edges of the color glow.
    • Use Black Clip or White Clip to clip the levels of the glow.
    • Check on the Show Matte checkbox to see how the glow is affecting your footage. The white area in this image is where the glow is being applied. Turn this Matte checkbox off once you have the glow appearing where you want it to continue working with the effect.
  • Mask
    • Check “on” the Use Mask checkbox to have the glow effect constrained to the masked area.  
    • Select an option from the Shape drop-down menu to set the mask to either an ellipse or rectangular shape.
    • Use Position to control where the mask is located either by typing in values or using the crosshair control
    • Width: set the width of the mask.
    • Height: set the height of the mask.
    • Angle: set the angle of the mask.
    • The Feather Size will increase the translucency in the edges of the mask along a gradient.
    • The Invert checkbox when checked “On” will switch the glow effect to occur outside the selected mask shape instead of inside of it. 
  • The Blend with Original control mixes the effect of the Point Zoom with the footage it’s applied to, bring this control up to a higher value to make the effect more subtle.