GRAIN 16Universe CrumplePop Grain 16

CrumplePop Grain16 is real 16mm film grain that you can easily add to your own footage. Place Grain16 onto your clips to add the beautiful texture of authentic film.

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  • Drag the uni.Grain16 effect onto your clip.

Modify the Effect

  • The Grain Type drop-down menu gives you the option to choose from 5 different 16mm film stocks made from scans. Grain16 is based on the 16mm grain scans from CrumplePop’s very popular Grain 35 v2.0 package.
  • Chose from the Blend Mode drop-down to select the blending mode used to composite the Grain 16 result over the original input image.
  • Turning the Grain Opacity slider down from the default 75 will lower the overall transparency of the Grain effect on the layer. Turning this control up to 100 intensifies the effect.
  • Bring the Grain Saturation slider up towards 100 to add full saturated color of the chosen Film stock into the image image or leave it at 0 to keep the color of the original footage.
  • The Grain Exposure lightens or darkens the Grain overlaid on the scene. 0.0 will give you a dark, underexposed look, while 1.0 gives you an overexposed effect that bleaches out the shadow details.