CrumplePop OverLight is a lens flare and light leak texture plugin that makes it easy to apply washed-out glows and lens flares to your footage.

Getting Started   Premiere_icon AfterEffects_icon FinalCutPro_icon Motion_icon Vegas_icon Hitfilm_icon Resolve_icon 

  1. Drag the uni.OverLight effect onto your clip.
  2. Click the Browse Presets button to see an animated preview of all the presets available. Double-click any preset to apply. Once a preset is selected, you will see its name selected within the Overlight Preset drop-down menu below. Presets can also be applied directly from this Overlight Preset menu.

Modify the Effect

  • Chose from the Blend Mode drop-down to select the blending mode used to composite the Overlight result over the original input image.
  • Turning the Opacity slider down from the default 60 will lower the overall transparency of the Overlight effect on the layer. Turning this control up to 100 intensifies the effect.
  • The Brightness control will bring up the brightness and occurrence of the glowing areas lowering this slider down to 1 will diminish the glowing areas.
  • Use the Saturation slider to change the color intensity of the Overlight color. Bring it down below 100 to desaturate the color of the overlaid preset.
  • The Hue color picker works in tangent with the Hue Intensity control to change the overall color of the Overlight preset. Turn up the Hue Intensity control from 0 to see the effect of the Hue control.
  • The Flicker control adds realistic flicker and movement to the overlaid lens flare and leak.
  • The Flip Light Leak allows you to change the position of the Overlight effect to further customize the effect: Vertical, Horizontal, or Both.