POINT ZOOMUniverse Point Zoom Plugin

Zoom blur with added glow to create a holographic projection look when applied to text or images. Create the illusion it’s coming from a light source.

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  • Apply the uni.Point Zoom effect onto your clip.

Modify the Glow

  • Use the Position control to change the location of the point with the cross-hair point position or the numerical controls of the X or Y axis.
  • The Length slider allows you to adjust the the length of the blurred rays from the edges of the applied layer to the Position of the Point. If the Point is positioned farther away from the edges of the applied layer then this control may need to be adjusted to have the rays of the blur connect completely with the point.
  • The Intensity slider brings up the brightness of the glow, reducing its opacity and giving it a more solid, neon like effect.
  • The Blend with Original control mixes the effect of the Point Zoom with the footage it’s applied to, bring this control up to a higher value to make the effect more subtle.
  • Chose from the Blend Mode drop-down to select the blending mode used to composite the Point Zoom result over the original image.
  • Mask
    • Check the Mask checkbox On to use this set of features.
    • To see how the mask will affect the image, check the Visualize Mask On. When you’re done adjusting the rest of the controls, turn this off before rendering the final image.
    • The Shape drop-down menu defaults to a Rectangle, you may also select the Ellipse to get an oval shaped mask.
    • The Mode drop-down defaults on Apply but other options allow you to see how the mask appears in other helpful modes useful for adjusting the composite. Choose from: Show Mask, Show Red Mask, and Show Inverted Red Mask.
    • The Invert checkbox when checked On will switch the glow effect to occur outside the selected mask shape instead of inside.
    • The Point A crosshair control corresponds to the position of the top of the mask image and Point B controls correspond to the bottom position of the mask. Moving these points will squash or stretch out the shape of the mask, as well as move its position.
    • The Radius control will spread the influence of the masked glow outwards from the center.
    • The Feather Size will increase the translucency in the edges of the mask along a gradient.
    • The Feather Direction will pull the transparent gradient towards the center of the mask if turned down towards -100 or out towards the edges if turned up to 100.
    • Useful in compositing the Red Opacity slider may be adjusted to make the red in the mask more opaque as needed.
    • When checked On the Mask Alpha checkbox shows what parts of the effect in the Masked area is included in the alpha channel as opaque and transparent.
    • The Straighten checkbox shows the effect without the premultiplied alpha channel applied.