Setup & Installation

How do I get setup with Universe?

To install Universe, follow these steps:

  1. Close any host applications you plan on using Universe with (After Effects, FCP X, Resolve, Premiere, etc.)
  2. Setup a Red Giant ID if you haven't got one already
    • If you purchased Universe (or any other product) through our website, your Red Giant ID is what you'd used prior to checkout.
  3. Download the latest Universe installer
  4. Run the installer; it will automatically detect and install Universe into any compatible host applications it detects
    • Since there are a lot of presets, assets, and plugins to install, this may take a few minutes
  5. Log into Red Giant Application Manager using the Red Giant ID used to purchase your Universe membership

Universe needs a Red Giant ID. What is that?

A Red Giant ID is a login (email & password) used to access your Red Giant account. Your Red Giant account can be used to purchase products, track your order history, download installers, and track your support history.

You will need a Red Giant ID to log into Red Giant Application Manager and access your Red Giant Universe membership, or start your Red Giant Universe trial.