RGB SEPARATIONUniverse RGB Separation

Separates and offsets the RGB channels in an image. Controls adjust the radius and angle of the channel separation.

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  • Drag the effect onto your clip.

Modify the Effect

  • The Radius control is the main slider for this simple effect. Decrease the slider towards -500 to move the red color channel right and the blue channel left of center or Increase the control towards 500 to move the red color channel to the left and the blue channel to the right. The Green color channel will remain centered.
  • Use the Angle control to move the Red and Blue Channels in a circular offset from their original position/center green channel.
  • Use the Lens Distortion slider to change the amount of bending effect the plugin brings to the footage.
  • The Linear checkbox is on by default, and keeps the channel movement from the Radius control on the horizontal axis only. When turned off, Radius moves the channels out on a diagonal.