Arrange and frame your compositions for various social media platforms, making doubly sure it all looks correct before finalizing the export.

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  • Apply uni.Socialize onto the clip.


  • Click the Choose a Preset button to see an animated preview of all the presets available. Double-click any preset to apply.
  • After modifying the effect, select Save a Preset... to save the modifications as a custom preset.

Modify the Effect

  • Use Ratio Width and Ratio Height to adjust the cropping borders along the X and Y axis.
  • Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset moves the cropped output along the X and Y axis.
  • Stroke Overlay toggles a stroke along the inside border of the cropped area.
  • Stroke Color provides a swatch to adjust the stroke color. 
  • Stroke Width adjusts the size of the stroke inward onto the cropped area.
  • Overlay Color provides a swatch that controls the matte's coloring.
  • Overlay Opacity adjusts the transparency of the matting.
  • Background Opacity adjusts the transparency of the background.
  • Background Blur controls a blur within the matted areas of the image.
  • Stretch to Fit toggles whether the cropped image fills areas that had been cropped.