SPOT BLURUniverse Spot Blur Plugin

Blurs the area of the frame inside or outside a rectangle or ellipse.

Getting Started   Premiere_icon AfterEffects_icon FinalCutPro_icon Motion_icon Vegas_icon Hitfilm_icon Resolve_icon 

  • Drag the effect onto your clip.

Modify the Effect

  • Adjust the Blur Size control to increase the intensity and influence of the Blur from the center point.
  • Shape gives you the option of either an Ellipse or Rectangle for the shape of the mask.
  • Feather Size will increase the softness of the edges of the mask.
  • Position control allows you to move the position of the mask along the X and Y axis using the cross-hair or numerical controls.
  • Width controls the width value of the mask.
  • Height controls the height value of the mask.
  • Angle controls the rotation of the mask from it's center point.
  • When Invert is checked on the blur will occur outside the selected mask shape instead of inside. By default this control is off.
  • Check Show Mask to see the area affected by the blur highlighted in red.