Quickly give your footage a Walking Dead-style grungy textured treatment. Texturize’s seamlessly tiling textures make it easy to animate and bring life (or death) to your video or still imagery.

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  • Drag the uni.Texturize effect onto your clip.

Modify the Effect

  • Texture: Choose from 16 grunge texture types from the drop-down menu to find the desired look for your footage.
  • Scale: Change the size of the grunge texture using the Scale slider.
  • Center controls allow you to reposition the center of the distortion on the canvas using the X and Y numerical controls or the crosshair selector.
  • Texture Opacity: Make the overlayed texture more transparent by turning down the Texture Opacity control.
  • Texture Contrast: Bringing up the level will darken the contrast within the texture.
  • Texture Blur: Raising the control will soften the focus and detail of the grunge.
  • Displacement Map
    • The Use Displacement checkbox will activate the grunge layer acting as a displacement map to distort the original footage layer.
    • You can then distort the footage even more by raising the Horizontal and Vertical Displacement controls towards 1.00.
    • The Soften Displacement Map slider will take away detail within the map when brought up towards 10.00.
  • Tint: Add a hue to the textured effect using the Tint color picker.
  • Tint Strength: Control the strength of the tint color chosen above.
  • Blend Mode: Chose from the drop-down to select the blending mode used to composite the masked clone result over the original image.
  • Mask
    • Uncheck the Enable Mask checkbox to turn off the mask completely and have the texture overlay effect the entire layer.
    • The Scale will scale your mask up or down in the range from 0-400% across the image and the Center control allows you to move the position of the mask along the X and Y axis using the cross-hair or numerical controls.
    • The shape of the masked area can be changed by adjusting the Aspect control. Turn this slider down toward 0 to spread it out horizontally, or up towards 10.0 to squeeze it vertically.
    • The Falloff control will soften the edge of the mask for a more subtle difference between the footage and the texturized masked vignette.