Red Giant Universe - Type On Plugin


Quickly create computer terminal-style type reveals. Includes tons of options for customizations and randomizations.

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  • Drag the uni.Type On effect onto a clip.
    • When applying a Text Effect directly to footage, be sure to head into the Blend Mode section toward the bottom of the parameters to switch it from its default None to Normal.


  • Click the Choose a Preset button to see an animated preview of all the presets available. Double-click any preset to apply.
  • After modifying the effect, select Save a Preset... to save the modifications as a custom preset.

Modifying the Effect

  • Edit Text launches a modular window with options to customize the text input for the effect, including the font, size, color, emphasis (bold, italic, both, none), character spacing, and line spacing.
  • Position controls the coordinates that define where within the frame your text will appear.
  • Type On adjusts the animation's state on a scale from 0% (start) to 100% (end).
  • Type On Direction controls where the text types on from (Left to Right, Right to Left, or Random).
  • Scroll toggles whether the text moves upward when one line completes and the next one begins.
  • Filler Character determines what character appears in any space unoccupied by text.
  • Prefix Character sets which character appears as a precede the text.
  • Suffix Character sets which character appears to follow the text.
  • Text Settings
    • Font Size adjusts how large or small the text appears
    • Font Color defines the color of the text
    • Justification determines if the text is aligned to the Left, Center, or Right.
    • Line Spacing adjusts the space between lines.
    • Horizontal Tracking controls the spacing between characters.
  • Cursor
    • Cursor toggles whether a cursor appears where text is typed on.
    • Cursor Type contains a preset list of options that define the cursor's appearance.
    • Cursor Offset adjusts where-- in relation to the type on effect-- the cursor appears.
    • Use Text Color toggles whether the cursor is the same color as the text.
    • Cursor Color defines the cursor's color in the event Use Text Color is disabled above.
    • On Duration and Off Duration controls the rate the cursor blinks on and off screen.
  • Randomization
    • Random Direction sets the direction in which any random characters appear: Random, Left to Right, or Right to Left.
    • Random Characters controls the percentage of characters in the text that are overwritten with randomly-generated characters.
    • Manual Scroll scrolls through more randomizations occurring on any of the Random Characters appearing in the text.
    • Scroll Rate controls the speed at which randomized text is changing from one character to the next.
    • Link Type On / Scroll toggles whether the randomized text only changes when the text is typed on.
    • Preserve Spaces toggles whether spaces in your text inputs are included in the randomized text animations.
    • Random Seed adjusts the formula-- and subsequently the variations-- used to create the random effect.
    • Random Characters contains toggles that define which types of characters appear within the randomizations, as well as what Number Limit or Character Limit (A-Z) is in place.
  • Effects
    • Enable Glow toggles a glow around the text with control over the brightness (Glow Intensity) and expansion (Glow Radius) of the glow.
    • Enable Scan Lines toggles an array of lines that overlay the text, complete with adjustable line width (Scan Line Thickness), spacing between lines (Scan Line Spacing), and opacity (Scan Line Opacity).
  • Foreground Opacity and Background Opacity controls the opacity of the text (Foreground Opacity) or the layer the text has been applied to (Background Opacity), complete with the standard Blend Mode options that adjusts how the text overlay interacts with the background. None is the default, with Normal overlaying the text on top of whatever background it's been applied to.